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Goodbye Dear Ones

Every morning my heels hit the pavement as I race to the front entrance with a bag over my shoulder and a coffee cup in one hand. I love seeing you at the entrance waiting for the bell. When I see your smile, I smile. I love to meet you first thing as I enter the building. When I get to my office and put my stuff down, I continue to take a gulp of coffee, as I hear you say, “Hi Mrs. Frazier!” and my heart rejoices. I love to say “Hi” back, give you a hug, or a high five as you enter your new day.

I hear the bell ring and footsteps walking fast down the hall when the announcements begin. It’s the pledge of allegiance time, and you stop to recognize the importance as I join you in the hall. I see your smile again and I realize how great it is to be with you in that moment. When you enter my classroom, I’m excited to spend some time with you. I know we will have an adventure and as you ask questions that don’t pertain to the lesson, I answer you anyway because your questions are important. When you leave, I know you will remember something we did, hopefully, but if not, I know I’ll see you again, sometime soon. Later in the day, as you enter my office, you ask for advice. I give you some wisdom which sometimes you take, and others you don’t. When you do, I’m so proud of you because you are becoming more like the student you should be. As we pass in the hall again, you say”Hi” and give me a hug, which I can never get enough of.

Lunch time begins when you ask to eat with me and I try to allow it, unless I’m super busy or have a meeting. As I answer yes, you ask to invite a friend, which makes my heart happy and before I know it, my office is filled with students carrying their lunch trays. As you leave the building for the day, a “goodbye” and “have a good night” are on your lips.

I’m going to miss you dearly my sweet students. I won’t forget you! I will be praying that you grow strong and learn to find what is important in life. That you stay safe at home, school or anywhere else you find yourself. That you always have a trusted adult to talk to. I have been so blessed by you. I’m thankful for these precious memories that at times I have overlooked or misunderstood.

So I say “goodbye” to you my students and send prayers your way and know that Mrs. Frazier will always love you!

May you always feel loved...

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