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Not Everything You Interpret Is Correct

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I hope this finds you well! Wanted to share why I write these blogs. It’s a stirring in my Spirit to do them. Just being honest here, these blogs are full of thoughts and truths. I hold nothing back, but I also pray that God uses all of this for His Glory, not to bring division or solidify someone’s opinion of me or you. But to see God more in the little every day things of life.

Please, when you read my blogs, be encouraged, laugh a little, and look at your own walk with Christ to see if there is anything in your life that might need to be fine tuned, as I have plenty. We are the “Capital C” The Church, and no one is exempt.

We are all temporary travelers just passing through. I hope when my life ends I have done many things right. I know right now the course I am on is exactly where He wants me to be.

After I was writing yesterday, I envisioned God and I dancing. I was telling Jared, “It’s like we are waltzing through a tight crowd, with a room full of people, shoulder to shoulder. He is leading me and I am trusting Him to get me through, from one end of the room to the other. The pace we are going is consistent, steady and moderate. It’s not the express dance and it’s not slow motion, it’s just right where we should be. Right in step, right to His designed beat.”

I appreciate your interest in my writings. I love that I can communicate what God is stirring within me. Please, let’s stir up good works as the scriptures say, as God commands us to do.

From a traveler who has been tried, tested and will continue to be, and by the grace of God found True! I’m truly just a traveler passing through…..

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