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Dear Anonymous Someone

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Dear Anonymous Someone,

I called you yesterday and my heart broke. I knew you were so deep in pain, there was no way of getting you out. I prayed for you right after I said “bye.” I felt sorry for you because of your choices. I felt horrible because I never recognized how deep you had gotten into this. It just made me wish I could take you physically out of it all, get through to you in some way, and encourage you to start over again. I think the sad part is I knew I could never do that. I knew it wouldn’t work. You are too strong and stubborn to allow me that.

Can anyone get to you? What does it take for you to see the mess you’re in? Can you see your life's in utter disarray? It’s like the “elephant in the room” that we all avoid because we have conditioned ourselves to walk differently, look elsewhere and allow the obstruction to be occupied. You are too important for us to let you go, too important to leave you wallowing in this filth.

I have yelled and dictated my way with you. I have given you ultimatums to which you never abided to. I’m at a loss of what to do. How can I see you continually kill yourself? I know you don’t care anymore, but I care about you!

Look into a mirror, and not just any mirror, but a mirror designed by your Heavenly Father. Look and see how He sees you. Look intently at who you used to be and now what you’ve created. Is there a difference? Do you want to return? Or was that ever good enough? Maybe You weren’t in Your eyes. Maybe you are still trying to find the one you want to be, I don’t know. All I know is I need you back. I can’t bare to see you becoming this. I am slowly dying with you….

If I lose you tonight, please know I have always loved you. If I never see you again, please know you will always be in my memories. If I could have your ear for a few more minutes, I would say to you, let go of these things and run, never look back, run away from yourself and run into the arms of Jesus! He is waiting for you. Don’t stay in this jeopardizing state. Let your heart heal. Let your soul find rest in a Savior who can release you from this. Let your eyes see the person you have been created for. Let your ears only hear the Words of a Gentle Savior and not the all-day, every day accuser. Let your lips speak what is true and not lies you are so accustomed to. Sink this in for a moment….LET IT BREATHE.

I love you my “anonymous someone” and I always will. I pray that you will one day see what this has done to you and me. You are much more than this….much, much more….


Your Unknown Comrade

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