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The Pursuit Of Righteousness

“Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise...”

Ephesians 5:15 (NIV)

Working with kids, ages five to eleven, allows you many opportunities to exercise judgment in many situations. Being a school counselor, I tend to be the ‘good guy’ when dealing with a student under a very problematic issue. That’s why principals are paid the ‘big bucks’ to deal with difficult parents and be the ‘bad guy’ when disciplining students. However, when a principal is gone, normally the school counselor has to step into their role and handle some of the most difficult issues, because for some reason everything is chaotic when the leader is absent.

One day my principal was gone and now my title had changed to “Judge Amy”, (minus the gavel and robe, of course). I heard our fire alarm go off during one of our lunch and recess rotations. I was outside of my office in the hallway talking to another student at that time. In my counseling room, there were two young ladies eating lunch waiting for me to finish talking to the student, so I could join them. As the fire alarm continued to go off, I immediately went down the hallway, into the main office to make sure it wasn’t an actual fire.

On the alarm panel it stated that the alarm was set off in the Counseling Office. I was definitely intrigued at that moment. All I could remember were the wise words of my favorite TV detective, ‘Homicide Hunter’, who says frequently on his broadcast, “My, My, My…..What do we have here?”

As I entered my room, I noticed the two young ladies looked frightened. …….

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It was an honor to be included in Gene Whitehead's Blog, "Simple Theology, Messy Life" this week! Go check out his blogs and many others! Great site!!

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